Use Employee Surveys To Source Cost Saving Ideas

Employee Surveying is a Fantastic Way to Gather Ideas Which Could End Up Saving You a Fortune

By asking the people directly involved in your business, you could discover some brilliant ideas which you hadn’t even considered, employee surveying is your answer.

Okay, before you think that writing a survey and getting it all organized is going to take up a lot of time, think again. There are some great websites and applications like Survey Monkey where you just fill out the questions, and they do the survey, gather the data and give you a nice report at the end. Easy! No problems then with getting the survey done.

So what should you be asking your employees? Every business is different and faces different problems and solutions. Take the time to look at your business and establish the five most expensive aspects of the business. You’re looking to gather different perspectives from people who are involved with the business. List the top five things your business is spending its money on, and then ask the employees how they think you could save money on them. Try to keep the survey as broad as possible to get as many different responses as possible.

Give your employees the five things which are costing you the most in time or money and then give them the opportunity to try and problem solve for you. If you create the survey online, you can email the survey link to all of your employees and have them fill it out online. Once you receive all the responses, then you can go through and see if any of the ideas have any potential or not. Another great thing to include on any employee survey is an open area where the employees could comment on any other aspects which they have ideas for. Often it’s the people in the core of the business that have the best solutions to make their job easier and increase profits.

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