In today’s customer-centric sales environment, having control of the process and the functions of your business is imperative to the success of your organization. Complete control gives you comfort that things will be delivered to your satisfaction, but that control comes with a price.

At the turn of the century, outsourcing was the thing to do in order to save cost, driving efficiency and autonomy around core business activities. Business went overboard! Every consultant tried their best to strip away every “Non-Core” function of the business imaginable to regions of the world including China, India, Mexico and every place that can do the job for less. This soon came to an end because organizations loss control of those non-core business functions that happened to be integral parts to the entire process of the company.

I had one client move their entire development are to India.  It was the best idea ever!  The team was in place... wave occurred. It was the ultimate way to...

We all have our skills, no matter how many we have, though, there are only so many hours in a day, and only so much we can accomplish by ourselves. When you manage a business, you generally focus on a certain number of products or services, but there are certain aspects of any business which can prove more expensive, or too hard to accomplish with what you have. With outsourcing, you can bring in people or contractors to take care of the work which you find either too difficult or too time-consuming.

When you put a lot of services together, there are often a lot of different aspects which make up the entire service. Some parts of the service take up a lot of time, they might not be overly hard to accomplish, but you need to think about value adding to your service. If you’re doing annoying small tasks that take up a lot of time, then maybe you could outsource that aspect of your business to another company or an individual.

There are freelancing sites which are becoming more and more popular. You can advertise for people or services, or search through profiles of people which specialize in whatever service you are looking for. Because these freelancers are working for themselves, their rates are normally higher than you would pay a regular employee, but you aren’t paying them forty hours a week. You can set the hours you would like them to work, or even set tasks based on what work needs to be accomplished.

Outsourcing takes the best of all worlds and combines it to provide businesses with an affordable way to source freelancers to do specific tasks. If you haven’t considered outsourcing, then it might be time to look at it!

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