Shorten Your To-Do List Now!

I would bet that if you were to reflect each morning and make a list of the task you wanted to complete that day, the length of your list would be virtually impossible to complete in a single day. The kicker…those task no matter how big or small must be attended too… So what do you do?

If you learn how to shorten the tasks you need to do and delegate the not so pressing ones, you’ll soon be able to free up your valuable time to focus on more important things like generating revenue!

As manager’s, owners and operators of businesses, there is an understanding that there is only so much that you can do in a single day. So why attempt to tackle everything daily with the end result being nothing gets done! Here’s a daily routine that will help divide and conquer that mammoth list into something more manageable.


Make a list: I made this assumption early, but every day you should construct a list of task and goals for the day. Feel free to download my Daily Goal & Task Checklist that I use every morning to organize my day.


Divide into high priority vs. low priority: There’s a lot of info and techniques on the web how to prioritize daily tasks. I would suggest you analyze each one to determine if it is indeed a task that is moving your overall goals to achievement, high priority, or whether it’s a nice to-do but not pertinent to the successful completion of the present day.


Assign and delegate: Not that you have your list which has been divided into High Priority vs. Low Priority, it’s time to assign and delegate. Now just because it’s on the high or low priority list doesn’t mean that you have to take all the high priority stuff and dish out the low priority stuff. What should happened here is that you look at your employees, assistants, interns, significant other or even your kids as to who is the most efficient to complete the task at hand.


Utilize a process management tool: Assigning and delegating is good and all but if you don’t have a process to monitor the successful completion, then you’ll be as lost as if you didn’t make a list at all. There’s many tools out there worth checking out but I personally use an online tool at The free version is perfect for what I need to monitor, but there’s other paid versions if you need more capabilities.


Give 110% to the three or four task you assign yourself: The goal of this is not to outsource your life so that you can play more golf and tennis (But not a bad idea). The goal is for you to reduce those twenty-five task into three or four revenue generating task that will move have a MAJOR impact organization.


Repeat Daily: Do this daily and by February 15th, you’ll be making a new set of New Year’s resolutions and projections because you are now a productive task completing machine!

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