Learn The Power Of Saying “NO”

Learn How to Say No When It Comes to Running Your Company or Business

We all love to try new things and new ideas, but if you’re constantly throwing away money on new ideas, programs, and schemes, then it might be time to learn how to say no!

When we start out in business, we are always being told to keep an eye out for new ideas and opportunities, and saying yes to these opportunities is drummed into us, but sometimes having the ability to say no is just as important. Often we are too quick to say yes to something in case we miss out on chance or may not get the opportunity to be asked again in the future.

As much as we love to take advantage of every chance which comes our way, often these decisions can lead to us becoming over-involved with a project, overly committed or simply exhausted and broke trying to make the whole idea work. If your gut is telling you to say no to something, then sometimes it pays just to turn the idea down and wait for something better to come along in the future. By learning how to turn someone down, you can avoid a lot of the problems of committing to something when you really don’t have the time, money or energy to properly commit to something in the future.

You need to learn how to recognize the emotional signs that something isn’t quite as good as you originally thought that it might be. If you said yes to everything that you were ever offered, you would quickly find yourself completely exhausted. Battling those emotional triggers which tell us to say yes is often the hardest part of the battle.

Saying no to someone may lead you to disappoint them, but if you say yes and then can’t completely commit to that answer, you may only be delaying the inevitable. By telling them no right from the start, you may be able to avoid future breakdowns in a relationship. They could be disappointed or hurt that you said no, but ultimately you would have disappointed them more. If they have good business sense and ideas, there is a good chance that they will return in the future with potential offers.

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