If you’re managing or running your own business, then it is essential that you learn to delegate tasks to others, allowing you more time to focus on the important parts of your business.

There are only so many hours in a day, and there are only so many hours which you can spend in the office or at work before it begins to affect your health and also your happiness. Every good leader or manager understands that for the success of the business, it is vital that you learn to delegate some of the work to those around you.

When you begin a new venture, business or company it is often just you. Managing the entire business, sales, products, workflow, but as the business expands you need to start allocating or delegating other tasks to spread the workload. In some phases of our business, this occurs naturally. If we couldn’t produce the goods and then deliver them, we would simply hire a delivery driver or courier to help us. When it comes to management, this doesn’t happen as naturally as it should.

We often cling to long to certain tasks or responsibilities, leaving it until we are completely rundown before we consider asking anyone for help. For many business owners, the thought of someone being able to accomplish tasks as well as they do is a hard thing to imagine, but it’s extremely important. By delegating some of our responsibilities, we can open ourselves up to be able to focus on what it is important, growing the business and taking advantage of new opportunities as they arrive.

Letting go and allowing someone else to share responsibilities is never easy, but it is essential to learn how to delegate successfully. If you spend ten hours a week answering emails and returning messages, that’s forty hours a month. That adds up to almost one week of productive time lost. Even if it takes you forty hours to train someone to be able to do this for you, you will make up that lost time in one month, and be ten times better off within the year. Delegation isn’t easy, but the rewards are extremely good!

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