Build Your Company’s Virtual Office And Save Thousands!

Are You Familiar with Virtual Operation? Well, Now Is the Time Too!

Virtual operations utilize the technology at hand to save you time and money through hiring virtual employees!

If you think that working from home is just a great way for employees to avoid doing work, then you’re not looking at the big picture. Employees are expected to accomplish a certain amount of work during a day, as long as they maintain a good average, employers are happy. But, if they could be at home and accomplish the exact same amount of work how does it benefit you? In quite a few ways actually. Except for businesses where employees have to physically interact with other people, the majority of tasks could be just as easily accomplished at home.

Many businesses are already taking advantage of freelancers and virtual assistants to complete a wide variety of tasks. Have you looked at what your employees do and whether or not they could as easily accomplish it at home? We can send everything we need via email or file transfer sites such as Dropbox. You can set tasks in applications such as Trello, receive and send phone calls over Skype, fax documents online. All of this could be accomplished from the comfort of your own home. Many employees would jump at the opportunity to receive a few dollars less in exchange for being able to work flexible hours from home.

Then you have the benefits of saving money on the brick and mortar aspect of your business. Some of the ways you can save money by utilizing virtual operations are:


· Save money on benefits, holiday pay, sick pay, and other wage associated costs.


· Save money on rent or mortgage of your building.


· Save money on utilities, power, water, and heating.


· Save money on equipment like desks, phones, computers, office supplies.


When you add up all the money which you could be saving, looking at virtual operations begins to look like a good idea. Take advantage of the technology available and have a look at how virtual operations could help your business save money.

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