Disconnect to Eliminate Distractions Daily

Disconnect for One Hour a Day to Increase Productivity and Help Your Stress Levels

By switching off or disconnecting for one hour a day, no internet, email or phone to relax and moving some items down the field, you could benefit from no distractions and ease stress levels. You might even find yourself getting more work done!

We all love technology; it’s fantastic and without it, we simply wouldn’t be able to achieve everything we have and accomplish our goals, but is technology a double edged sword? Maybe. Sometimes we spend a day in the office or front of the computer and then when we look back, it’s hard to see what we really accomplished. When you’re trying to finish something, and you’re constantly checking emails, answering texts, checking social media it is easy to lose track of time.

Switching off for an hour might seem excessive, or it might be common sense to some people, but every now and again we all need a little reminder! The following are some simple ways you can switch yourself off from technology and maybe even end up getting more work done!

Action Item #1 

· Switch off social media – You may not notice how long you actually spend on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. but every time you look at your feed, it probably costs you five to ten minutes. Add that together and you’re spending a lot of time looking at funny pet videos!

Action Item #2 

· Turn notifications off – If those little update notices are drawing your eyes, then perhaps it might be a good idea to switch them off completely. Manually going in to check things when you have free time is one thing, but those little notifications can be extremely distracting.

Action Item #3

· Close your web browser or hide it – If your web browser has all your favorite sites conveniently bookmarked, then close it if you don’t need it. Keep the programs you need open and hide or close that web browser.

Action Item #4

· Take some time for yourself – If you find yourself becoming distracted or overwhelmed, then take an hour for yourself. Walk to the local shop, grab a coffee, sit in the park and eat your lunch. If you work from home, then find a way to get away from your office or computer, sit outside and read a book. A small break, away from your desk, to take five minutes for yourself could leave you more focused and ready to accomplish that task.

All of these are great ways to switch off, who knows? You may even find the overall quality of your work improving!


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